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lesz asasasa asaasas sddssdsdsds


  • GitHub teszt
  • lábléc doboz
  • fejléc linkek
  • dokumentum fejléc kategória és tag linkek
  • fótó browser
  • fotó grid
  • hivatkozások
  • mediaplayer (mp3, mp4, youtube, soundcloud)
  • bal/jobb text doboz
  • syntax highlight doboz
  • terminal doboz style
  • css tisztítás

Mit tud a jelenlegi CSS:

  • Terminal
WWWText skdslksd
  • Fejlécek





  • Iniciáléval kezdődő bejegyzés

Lásd fentebb.

  • YouTube videók beágyazása
  • syntax highlight lehetőség
var s = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";
var s = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";
var s = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";
var s = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";
var s = "JavaScript syntax highlighting";

  • listák készítése
  • Lists must be preceded by a blank line (or block element)

  • sddsd
  • dsdskdjsk

  • Unordered lists start each item with a *
  • - works too
    • Indent a level to make a nested list
      1. Ordered lists are supported.
      2. Start each item (number-period-space) like 1.
      3. It doesn’t matter what number you use, I will render them sequentially
      4. So you might want to start each line with 1. and let me sort it out
  • táblázatok kezelése

This is a table:

First Header Second Header
Content Cell Content Cell
Content Cell Content Cell

You can align cell contents with syntax like this:

Left Aligned Center Aligned Right Aligned
col 3 is some wordy text $1600
col 2 is centered $12
zebra stripes are neat $1

The left- and right-most pipes (|) are only aesthetic, and can be omitted. The spaces don’t matter, either. Alignment depends solely on : marks.

  • idézetek

Angle brackets > are used for block quotes.
Technically not every line needs to start with a > as long as there are no empty lines between paragraphs.
Looks kinda ugly though.

Block quotes can be nested.

Multiple Levels

Most markdown syntaxes work inside block quotes.

  • Lists
  • [Links][arbitrary_id]
  • Etc.
  • Hivatkozások kezelése

I bet you’d like more information about this sentence 1.

Inline Formatting

The following is a list of optional inline markups supported:

Option name Markup Result if enabled
Intra-word emphasis So A*maz*ing So Amazing
Strikethrough ~~Much wow~~ Much wow
Underline 2 _So doge_ So doge
Quote 3 "Such editor" Such editor
Highlight ==So good== So good
Superscript hoge\^(fuga) hogefuga
Autolink http://t.co http://t.co
Footnotes [\^4] and [\^4]: 4 and footnote 4

Hack On

That’s about it. Thanks for listening. I’ll be quiet from now on (unless there’s an update about the app—I’ll remind you for that!).

Happy writing!

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  1. Well lucky for you, I’ve included more information in footnote form. 

  2. If Underline is disabled _this_ will be rendered as emphasized instead of being underlined. 

  3. Quote replaces literal " characters with html <q> tags. Quote and Smartypants are syntactically incompatible. If both are enabled, Quote takes precedence. Note that Quote is different from blockquote, which is part of standard Markdown. 

  4. You don’t have to use a number. Arbitrary things like [^footy note4] and [^footy note4]: will also work. But they will render as numbered footnotes. Also, no need to keep your footnotes in order, I will sort out the order for you so they appear in the same order they were referenced in the text body. You can even keep some footnotes near where you referenced them, and collect others at the bottom of the file in the traditional place for footnotes. 

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